Petite Open-Air Mandala, with Storied Amber: Pendant

The genuine amber chip in the center of this mandala radiates a joyful spark of natural sunset-orange.

The amber even has its own little window in the center of the mandala, allowing it to be surrounded by light and air.

This amber chip has a fascinating history, originating as a liquid drop of the protective sap of an evergreen tree, millions of years ago.

The tree fell, and was subsequently buried and compressed by unfathomable geological changes.

Perhaps an entire mountain range lay atop our dear tree, and this bit of amber sap.

Under the intense weight and pressure, over millions of years, this bit of amber sap transformed into its current fossilized form.

The amber chip you wear at the center of this powerful piece used to be the lifeblood of an evergreen tree!

This speaks to the continuity and interconnectedness of plant life, animal life, human life, and the life of the planet Earth.

Feel that profound continuity and interconnectedness when you wear this sweet discreet mandala against your heart chakra.

Hand-stamped featherlight aluminum, with amber chip. Approximately 1″ diameter, on 18″ necklace cord.