Ripple Effect Bracelet with Clear Quartz

What are the ripple effects of calm and clarity?

This crystal-clear quartz stone is said to promote calm and clarity in the wearer.

Set in Lisa’s Ripple Effects design, this piece invites us to consider, and experience, what happens when calm and clarity start on the wrist and in the self, and go on to spread widely into the wearer’s world.

“When I wear this bracelet, my eye is continually drawn to the improbable clarity of this piece of stone, formed deep in the Earth. If the stone can be so clear and calm, then maybe so can I. And as I am clear and calm, I spread that energy into the world around me.” – Maria P.

Featherlight aluminum. 3/8″ x 6″. Size adjustable.

NOTE: this piece is SOLD, but is available by custom order. Email Lisa for details.