Sacred Geometry Shell and Moonstone Earrings

The Golden Ratio. Sacred Geometry in plain sight. Fibonacci got it right: nature loves a perfect spiral.

These featherweight earrings feature an authentic slice of natural Mother-of-Pearl shell, known as the Indonesian Snowy White Shiva Eye. Here is where you see (and wear) the Fibonacci spiral in action.

Put these on, and you are graced by the miracle of the sacred spiral, nature’s love of curling in and around itself.

As we curl in, so do we have the strong foundation from which to curl out – expanding our horizons with infinite possibilities.

Featherlight earrings featuring the soft luminescence of moonstone, with natural shell spiral.

Earring wires are sterling silver.

Note: aluminum wire is soft, and these may bend a bit from time to time. Simply gently straighten it back out with your fingers – easy!