Even while fashionably understated, this Open-Air Double Mandala is fortified with the profound power of the Tiger Eye stone.

Imagine this!: the Planet Earth made this hypnotic iridescent stone – UNDERGROUND. In the dark. Under unimaginable weight and pressure.

And as the stone comes into the light, we see it must have been made with light in mind.

How else could a stone invite you to stare at it hypnotically, plumbing its mysterious luminescent depths?

Tiger Eye is a powerful stone, said to help focus the mind, promote mental clarity, help us resolve problems objectively.

Placed against the wearer’s chest, the Double-Mandala and Tiger-Eye energy are in direct contact with the solar plexus. The energy-transfer could not be more direct.

The wearer is fortified (and looks quite stylin’ too!)

Only one available at this time.

1″ featherlight aluminum, with natural Tiger Eye stone.  18″ soft black necklace cord.