Rainbow Maker: Be the Light Refracted

Hang this beauty in your window, and watch as tiny rainbows sprout all about the room.

As the faceted crystal takes in the white/yellow light of the sun, it turns the angle on its side, revealing an infinite spectrum of wavelengths and brilliant colors.

Take inspiration from the crystal that refracts the light. Unlock hidden insights in your self as you bend the lens and uncover the vast spectrum of colorful possibilities right before your eyes.

Great gift! For kids, for the housebound, for ANYone who loves hosting real live natural magic in their own home.

2 1/2″ hand-stamped and textured aluminum, with 3/4″ crystal, plus 8″ chain for attaching to windowsill.

Advisory: DO NOT USE on rear view mirror of your car. May create hazardous glare.

NOTE: this piece is SOLD, but is available by special order. Email Lisa for details.